Boarding Agreement

Emergency Contact
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MM slash DD slash YYYY
Preferred stabling:

Full Care Training Board

Includes the following:

  • Feed 2X a day (Country Acres 12% protein, 6% fat), hay, pasture, daily turnout, stall or pen with
  • shavings, daily stall cleaning, blanketing, and adding owner’s supplements if desired.
  • Unlimited use of the horse gym
  • Daily Grooming
  • Training 2X a week
    • Ground Work –trailer, and lunging
    • Riding – Walk, trot, canter, dressage, poles, cavalettis, jumps, trails, cross country

Extras available:

  • Locker ($50/month for full or $25/month for shared)
  • Individual turnout $100/month

The Trainer shall train horse and perform all services in accordance with generally accepted professional standards. Trainer cannot and does not guarantee the effect of the training program or that any particular results will be achieved, since this depends a great deal on the individual physical and mental ability of each horse. Trainer shall furnish all labor, provide suitable facilities and care for horse in an adequate manner.

1) Eightfold Farms will provide one of the above choices if available, and basic feed of Bahia, Bermuda or similar hay twice per day, fresh water, shavings, blanketing when needed. Stalls are cleaned daily and reasonable care provided of each animal to maintain its health and wellbeing.

2) Eightfold Farms takes all reasonable precaution to protect the boarded animal, the owner’s tack, equipment and guests from illness, accident, fire, theft and injury. However, it is the owner’s responsibility to insure their animals, equipment, tack, themselves and guests against illness, accident, fire, theft and injury and hereby agrees to hold property (Carol Gamble and Hanna Gamble) and the Eightfold Farms owner (Jack R. Gamble, Jr., LLC) harmless for any sort of act of omission including illness, accident, fire, theft, and injury unless those acts or omissions are willful or grossly negligent.

3) In the event that the boarded animal becomes sick or injured, or in the case of emergency Eightfold Farms will make every reasonable effort to contact the owner. If the owner and owner’s preferred veterinarian(s) cannot be reached, the owner authorizes Eightfold Farms to order medical, veterinary or farrier care and agrees to pay the fees incurred.

4) Owner shall provide specific written instructions for each horse and make full disclosure. In the absence of such, owner will not hold Eightfold Farms responsible to provide care if needed.

5) In consideration of the above, owner agrees to pay the monthly charge of $1,300.00 in advance, on or before the first day of each month. If payment is not received by close of business on the 5th day of any month, a late fee of 10% for all unpaid amounts will be assessed. Prior to departure of the above mentioned animal, all fees are to be paid in full. A $25 fee will be charged for 1st check returned or a stop payment placed on check, $35 for any checks after. Due prior to moving in: Full deposit, 1st month’s fee, signed boarding contract by both parties, Release of Liability Waiver, and documentation that the horse vaccinations and worming are current.

for the board amount of $1,300.00.
as a security deposit.
Your security deposit mentioned above, minus any outstanding fees will be refunded to you within thirty (30) days of departure.

6) If owner requests services from an outside source, including training, lessons, or any horse related professional service, the individual(s) must meet with prior approval with management of Eightfold Farms. Professionals that are currently approved are: Hanna Gamble, Sydney Elliott, Liz Duncan, Regis Webb and TeAh Phoenix.

7) Owner agrees to assume all financial responsibility for physical and personal loss or damage/injury (including death) caused by owner, owner’s boarded horse, family or guests. Owner understands that he/she is responsible for all fees related to loss, damage or injury to include, but not limited to materials, labor, medical, replacement, and legal costs. Should owner’s actions or that of their horse cause injury or damage to another person or the property of any kind above normal wear and tear or property used by horses, owner and/or their own personal liability shall pay for such damages. This includes chewing and destroying fences, ripping apart buckets, pipe or stall damage caused by kicking, rolling, casting, biting, cribbing, chewing and any other vices.

8) Owner assumes all risk of loss by sickness of or injury to the boarded animal.

9) Owner agrees to indemnify and hold Eightfold Farms, Jack R. Gamble, Jr., LLC (property owner), Carol Gamble (co manager) and Hanna Gamble (co manager) harmless from any loss, damage, liability or expense caused by the actions of owner’s horse, owner, or owner’s guests.

10) Owner agrees to hold harmless both Eightfold Farms and its agents or owners connected with any treatment administered to the horse including, but not limited to injections, pills, and poultices. Owner is responsible to provide adequate exercise of each horse in turn out, riding, hand-walk (unless medically restricted) once every five days. Eightfold Farms will provide exercise if owner has not done so at the owner’s expense and the discretion of the ranch.

11) Owner agrees to pay all transportation costs for horse, incident to being boarded at Eightfold Farms. Eightfold Farms is expressly excluded from responsibility for the horse or insurance during transportation of said horse. If owner needs Eightfold Farms to transport animal, an agreement of fee will be made with owner and Eightfold Farms.

12) Owner understand his/her responsibilities to the other animal owners and covenants that his/her conduct and the conduct of the owner’s guests to behave at all times in a civil and safe manner. Owner acknowledges to have read a copy of the Eightfold Farms Rules. Owner agrees to vacate the property with loss of rents, deposits or any other monies paid or payable to Eightfold Farms for any violations of rules following written warning by Eightfold Farms of any violation(s).

13) Right of Lien: Eightfold Farms has a right of lien, as set forth in the law of the state of Louisiana, for the amount due for the board and keep of such horse(s), and shall have the right to retain the said horse(s) until the amount of such indebtedness is discharged. If the debt is overdue and is not repaid then the horse will be sold by Eightfold Farms after 30 days’ notice by certified mail to pay the indebtedness.

14) Smoking cigarettes (including e-cigarettes) will not be permitted on the property. Individuals who appear to be impaired to the point of inhibiting their or others safety will be asked to leave immediately or proper authorities will be notified.

15) Owner may visit property on the working hours of operation 7 days a week from 8:00am5:00pm. Owner may visit property for use of horse and facility from the hours of 7:00-8:00am and 6:00-9:00pm with the knowledge that the office and/or management is closed. Special events may limit the use of facilities. Owner(s) will be notified in advance of such use of property. If owner needs special circumstances regarding hours, ex: horse shows, emergencies, please notify Eightfold Farms management.

16) This contract is automatically renewable on a month-to-month basis.

17) TERMINATION: The owner of the boarded animal(s) agrees to provide WRITTEN notice of departure on the first day of any month, one full month prior to terminating this agreement. This agreement is to remain in full force and effect until terminated by either party with no less than (30) thirty days of notice unless owner commits an unlawful or unethical act (including mistreatment and abuse of own animal or others) or does not follow guidelines set forth by Eightfold Farms, in which case the agreement will be immediately terminated. All fees will be due immediately and any deposits will be forfeited.

I have read and FULLY UNDERSTOOD the above terms.

MM slash DD slash YYYY